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Official English Title, AKA

  • Daniela
  • Pobre Diabla

Production Company





  • Drama, Romance

Country of Origin


Writing Credits

Number of Episodes

  • 195 X 60'


  • Love, hatred, evil and passion blend to create 'Pobre Diabla' - an idyllic and incomparable romance where past secrets eclipse the happiness of a young couple. Daniela Montenegro can never forget the tanned, handsome man with a promising future whose gaze swept her off her feet. Santiago Rodriguez is stunned by the enchanting Daniela, a rebel and a fighter who has grown up in the slums. Fate or tragedy seems to rule the lives of many and that includes Daniela and Santiago. The shadow of a shocking past darkens their story: twenty years ago Santiago´s father Horacio committed a heinous crime that has sealed both their destinies. As they fight for their love, will they triumph over tragedy and the cruel truth the past hides?

Premiere Dates

Adaptations/Spin Offs/Remakes

Music/Theme Song

  • "Pobre Diabla", sung by Myriam Montemayor Cruz and Fabiola Rodas.

Countries Aired

Additional Info

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