Niños Ricos Pobres Padres

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  • Nibos Ricos Pobres Padres
  • Niños Ricos Pobres Padres

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  • The story of Alejandra, a beautiful and sweet young woman whose life radically changes when her mother, Lucía Ríos, was deported from the US back to Mexico City and they are forced to live with her wealthy aunt, who receives them reluctantly. The abrupt change is not only felt in the city but the school environment. She goes to an expensive school, with students who are out of control, and Alejandra will be confronted to a world of excesses in which she might get lost and get carried away by the powerful influence of her peers in a rather hostile and dangerous social circle, and temptations this implies.
  • Alejandra is a sweet young woman whose life is radically changed when her mother, Lucía Rios, is deported from the USA back to Mexico. They are forced to live with a wealthy aunt who is reluctant to the newcomers. Alejandra has to adapt not only to the different country, but endure difficult school changes as well.

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