La Mujer De Mi Vida

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Official English Title, AKA

  • La Mujer De Mi Vida

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Number of Episodes

  • 150


  • Barbarita Ruiz is a sweet, humble young girl who works as a seamstress assistant in an important fashion boutique in Miami. One day, she's sent to try a dress on millionaire Ricarda Thompson, and Barbarita couldn't have imagined this was the start of a love/hate relationship with Thompson's family. In that visit, she meets Ricarda's oldest son, Valentino, a handsome young man who is single, shady, and a womanizer who's used to do and get whatever he wants. Valentino sets his eyes on Barbarita, and woos her in short time. However, Valentino falls in love, for the first time in his life. Again's Ricarda's whishes, Valentino and Barbarita get married in a private ceremony, but happiness doesn't last long for Barbarita. In her wedding night, they have a car accident in which Valentino dies. Ricarda will never forgive Barbarita for putting her precious son in the path of danger. She then convinces her youngest son, Antonio Adolfo, to take revenge by seducing her and then abandon her. Barbarita ends up marrying a Thompson once more. Antonio Adolfo follows his mother's scheme, but along the way, he also gets seduced by Barbarita's beauty and kindness. Now he must face his mother to be able to be happy with the woman he loves. Valentino resurfaces, after all, he just faked his death to prevent being caught as he embezzled funds from the family company, and is determined to reclaim his wife and his fortune.

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