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Official English Title, AKA

  • El Joe
  • El Joe, La Leyenda

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  • It's a telenovela based on the life of the singer/composer from Cartagena, Colombia, Latin Grammy award winner Alvaro José Arroyo González, "Joe Arroyo", one of the greatest icons of Colombian music. A dying Joe Arroyo (Jair Romero) roams the streets of Cartagena, desperately trying to find Jacqueline Ramón (Estefanía Borge) to stop her from marrying another man. He daydreams about the happy moments they lived together in the 70s, at the Carnaval de Barranquilla. Joe was a happy man back then. He's the lead singer in the band "La Protesta" and is engaged to Adela Martelo (Jeimy Paola Vargas), his high school sweetheart, until he meets Jacqueline, the daughter of Aníbal Ramón, (Flavio Caballero), who owns the Disquera Caribe record label. Their love was at first sight, and they surrender themselves to passion those days. Jacqueline does not reveal who her father is, but when she perceives his huge talent she promises to help him out. He finds out who she is because her father is looking for a singer for a new musical group and sets his eyes on him. Francisco Vergara (Andrés Suárez) is Aníbal's right hand man, who's always been in love with Jacqueline, decides to make his life miserable. He convinces Aníbal he shouldn't let his daughter mix up with a "dark colored skinned, poor man". He forces Arroyo to find a contract that binds him for life, with no considerable payment. Another music band leader, Fruko (Diego Vásquez), from Fruko & Sus Tesos, is interested in Joe's talent, and notices that the contract he signed is very limiting. Joe believes Jacqueline is involved in this.

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