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Official English Title, AKA

  • El Idolo

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  • Classic Telenovela, Drama, Romance.

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  • Miguel Angel Mercado (José Luis Rodríguez) is a poor boy from San Juan, who dreams of being a singing superstar. He gets an appointment with Mr. Romany, the director of an important recording company. There he meets Evelyn (Sully Díaz), Mr. Romany's rebel daughter, who invites him to a custome party to celebrate her sister's arrival. Maria Romany (Marilyn Pupo) is a serious and reserved young girl who's spent her life studying. The night of the party, dressed as a cat, she decides to let go and do something audacious for once in her lifetime. Miguel Angel flirts with her, and they end up having sex, when he finds out she's a virgin. Before he knows her identity she runs away. Miguel Angel then meets Maria and they fall in love, but Evelyn does everything possible to separate them. When Evelyn has an accident in which she loses a leg, Maria and Miguel fall apart, unaware that she is pregnant.

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