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  • Set in the times when the decadent aristocracy imposed its unjust laws on the landless class, when Gypsies were considered less than human beings; and a woman, condemned to the sole function of bearing legitimate heirs to perpetuate power, was not free to choose her love. Much more than a scandal, the impossible love between Countess Adriana of Astolfi (Mariana Seoane) and Renzo the gypsy, (Mauricio Islas), two beings from very different worlds, was an outrage to the moral laws of the time. This fast paced drama unfolds in castles and palaces, in dark caves and perilous forests, in deep dungeons and secret passageways, where victims and villains confront each other in dramatic, action-packed scenes, with many unexpected twists and turns which keep Adriana and Renzo from finding each other.

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  • "Amor Gitano", performed by Carlos Enrique Iglesias, written by Jorge Avedaño.

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